This Consent Policy is about us ensuring you, as a client of Rub Downes Integrated Health (RDIH), have access to the necessary information you required in order to make an informed decision with respect to receiving treatment. 


The massage therapists in this practice will discuss your condition and options for treatment with you so that you are appropriately informed and can make decisions relating to treatment. You may choose to consent to, or refuse any form of treatment of any reason including religious or personal grounds. Once you have a given consent you may withdraw that consent at any time.  

Questions of a personal nature  

Your massage therapist may ask personal questions relating to your injury and how your injury impacts on your ‘activities of daily living’. It is your choice what information you choose to provide.  

Physical contact  

During the examination, assessment and treatment it may be necessary for your massage therapist to make physical contact. Your massage therapist will ask your permission before making physical contact with you in any way.  

Risks related to treatment 

 As with any forms of treatment, there are risks and benefits. The massage therapist will discuss any foreseeable risks with you prior to administering treatment in some cases, the massage therapist may ask you to read information related to a particular treatment any they may request that you sign a further consent form. This is to ensure that you fully understand any risks involved.  

Children and minors 

 Consent from a custodial parent/guardian is required to treat a minor 

Substituted Consent  

Where a person is incapable of understanding the risks and benefits of treatment consent may be provided by another person legally authorised to provide such consent. Evidence of legal authorisation is required in such circumstances.  

You need to let us know  

The risk related to some treatments can increase if the massage therapist is not aware of certain facts. Please inform the massage therapist if you have: -A pacemaker or heart condition; -Suffered from blood clots, thrombosis or stroke in the past; or -Are currently taking any medication. 

 How to contact us If you have any questions in relation to consent please contact

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