Sports Massage

While we’ve got lots of experience in the treatment of elite athletes, our sports massage is not exclusively for top athletes. No matter if you’re a professional sports star, a weekend champion or you’re just starting out with a new exercise regime, we’re able to help you make the most of your body.

Our Sports Massage undoes the damage that exercise can cause. Exercise creates damage to the muscle tissue which then needs to be repaired. Along with that – the muscle that doesn’t want to stretch gets thicker and more prominent compared with the flexible muscle.

The most common thing we hear athletes say is
‘I want to stretch but that muscle isn’t letting go’
… and that means that thick tissue has formed around the flexible muscle preventing movement. Sports massage uses techniques to help reverse that process to help improve that flexibility.

We help to get an athlete’s body working for them, not against them – improving their sporting technique.

We can perform lymphatic massage which is a lighter massage that helps eliminate any toxins from the body. The ache you get usually 2 days after exercise is actually waste left in the body’s tissue, which is why active recovery is important – which could be a combination of massage and ice baths to help pump out the waste products created by physical activity.

Sport massage increases muscle length. If muscles aren’t properly loosened they get tighter and tighter through exercise, so stretching is important. As an athlete, massage can help you to train harder and more often – decreasing recovery time.

We also do pre-event massage. Anything from local team event preparation to large-scale events like the Olympics. Pre-event massage wakes up the nervous system and muscles and prepares them to be used for the event.

Some of the sports people and teams that we have experience in treating include:

  • Olympic and Commonwealth Games Athletes-Diving, Softball, Track and Field, Swimming
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • Brisbane Lions – 8 years providing recovery massage and deep tissue massage
  • Rugby League – Qld State of Origin Team – 3 years of maintenance massage
  • The Under 23 Australian team for rowing in their World Championship bid – specialising in lower back problems
  • The Clayfield Swim Team – who went to the Nationals and got their first gold medal
  • Cirque de Soleil
  • International Music Acts & their road crews

Our team are here to help anyone – from the novices to the pros!

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